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Last week, Facial Flex® shared some seasonal guidelines for maintaining radiance, and we are continuing the theme with these 7 face skin care tips.

9. Nail Damage
Wrapping all those holiday presents chip, nick, and smudge freshly manicured hands. To protect a new manicure, a home remedy of one base coat, two color coats and a top coat to seal color will keep your manicure party ready. A great alternative that’s less maintenance is a gel manicure. At the nail salon, ask for gel lacquered polish which lasts up to three weeks without smudges or chips.

10. Chapped Lips
Protect your pucker during ski trips, outdoor ice skating, or just hanging lights on the house with a daily tinted lip balm or clear Chap Stick. The added shine and hydration will keep lips smooth and moist.

11. Sore Feet
Whether we’re holiday shopping for everyone on our list, at the office party or buying goodies for our own holiday soiree, we’re doing it in high-heels, which can result in tired, sore feet. Relax swollen muscles by rolling a tennis ball underneath your feet from heel to toe. This helps restore circulation and soothes sore feet. For a more indulgent experience, soak in a warm lavender Epson salt bath or book a professional foot massage.

12. Holiday Hangovers
A night filled with dancing, spiked egg nog and sparkly getups is always a spectacular time, but what isn’t is the next day’s hangover. Smudged mascara, natty hair and blood-shot eyes don’t exactly scream holiday cheer. The best rule to avoid hangovers is to stay hydrated—with water, that is! Alternate between drinking a glass of water or club soda and an alcoholic beverage, and don’t consume alcohol on an empty stomach. If you do go overboard, get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water.

13. Dry Skin
Dry winter months cause itchy, rough skin. Use exfoliating cleansers, antioxidant-rich lotions and body creams to keep skin hydrated throughout the winter. We assume that’s how Santa wriggles his round body down the chimney…Keep a travel-size moisturizer in your purse for keeping hands soft on the go.

14. Acne Problems
Stress, sugar and interrupted skincare schedules can all result in acne. Cleanse and moisturize consistently and use a salicylic acid spot treatment to keep acne at bay. If all else fails, a good concealer is great to hide unwanted zits.

The holiday season doesn’t have to ruin your natural radiance. Stay bright, glowing, and moisturized this winter using these face skin care tips and make sure Facial Flex® is also a part of your daily routine. Facial Flex® provides the needed muscle stimulus to trim, tone and tighten your skin. Treat yourself for the holidays by purchasing a Facial-Flex® device today. It takes just eight weeks which is ample time for looking your holiday best. Get started now and order your Facial-Flex® device online at