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Facial exercises are excellent for rehabilitation, but they’re also a proven anti-aging strategy.

There are few places where we show our age more than our faces…and that’s why targeting specific muscle groups to tone and tighten skin on the face is so effective.

Here Are 4 Anti-Aging Facial Exercises That Can Turn Back the Clock On Your Face:
  • Platysma Exercise: For this first exercise, we’ll start below the face at the platysma muscle, which runs between the jawline and the shoulders. Targeting this little-exercised muscle can help keep the throat and chin firm and tight. First, pull your lips back against your teeth and open your mouth slightly. You should feel the tendons on the back of your neck tighten. Now lift and lower your jaw 5 to 10 times. Repeat!
  • Lip Pull: This exercise targets the high cheekbones and jawline and can shave years off your complexion. Push your lower jaw out and lift your upper lip as much as possible. You should feel a strain in your chin and jawline. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat.
  • Jaw Release: This gem is the go-to facial exercise for getting rid of double chins by targeting the muscles around the jaw, lips, and cheeks. Keep your lips closes and pretend you are chewing something. Place your tongue between your lower lip and your teeth, open your mouth as wide as it can go, and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat the whole process.
  • Blowing Air: This facial exercise targets double chins as well as the cheeks and neck. Tilt your head back so your face is parallel with the ceiling. Inhale, pull your lips up like you’re going to give a kiss, and exhale. Hold the “kiss” face for 10 seconds, then repeat.


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