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How Facial-Flex Works



Does Facial Flex Help With Bell’s Palsy?

Does Facial Flex Help With Bell’s Palsy?

The people that use Facial Flex never fail to move us. When we received an email from Facial Flex user, Lucy Brummett, it was no different. Lucy shared her journey with facial exercise using Facial Flex, giving us a unique perspective on how it helped alleviate her...

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Announcing Our New Non-Latex Flex-Bands

Announcing Our New Non-Latex Flex-Bands

In the past 30 years, the design of Facial-Flex has been iterated and updated more than 6 times! As new technology and new discoveries are made, we flex and bend to provide the best technology for our facial exercise device as we can.

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No Other Band Will Do!

No Other Band Will Do!

Only Flex-Bands Will Do When It Comes To Using Your Facial-Flex Don't fall for imposter bands when flexing with Facial-Flex. Only Flex-Bands will do! Though many types of orthodontist bands can be found on the market, those are intended for other purposes and...

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