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How often do you think of Facial Exercises, let alone practice them?

If you’re a FacialFlex® customer who uses the product regularly, you are probably in the clear. Others, not so much…

Earlier in 2016, NBC Today published an article: Is Your Face in Shape?

The article stresses the importance of facial exercise, with input from dermatologists across the country – explaining why you would benefit from adding facial exercises into your routine, and the lasting effect of your efforts.
Once you get started, the result of facial exercise is very evident – it can slow down the aging process (the predictable signs of aging on one’s face that is), and improves overall appearance of the skin.


With simple and quick exercises, people like Patricia N. experience a positive change, that not only make you look great, but feel great too.

So perhaps Facial Exercise is the Real Fountain of Youth?

Linda Hellings, CEO of Facial Concepts explains:

“Exercise is typically a remedy for many maladies we encounter in life. It’s almost always a prescription for good health no matter what the case.  We need to strengthen every muscle in our bodies to gain longevity, including our facial muscles. That’s why we recommend you to incorporate facial exercises to your overall exercise regimen.”

The NBC Today article suggested great ways to get started with facial exercise, altering the routine based on age. The only problem with that is, these exercises may not be right for everyone. After all, you can’t fit the same shoe on different people. FacialFlex® however, has developed a way for anyone, of any age to do one simple exercise and get real, lasting results – a device that fits virtually every human mouth.

It’s important to know that there are three types of muscles in our body:

  • • Involuntary: Cardiac muscles, which control our heart
  • • Smooth muscle: Controls our gastronomical/digestive system
  • • Voluntary: Skeletal (or Striated) muscles that control the rest of our bodies.

Skeletal muscles are the ones we have the most power over – to build strength by dynamic resistant forces, increase blood flow, and develop contour. Striated muscles are in our face, which easily respond to dynamic resistance exercise!

Ask these simple yes or no questions to yourself. Is exercise good for you? Is body strengthening good for you? Odds are, you answered ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ – so, therefore, you need to realize that exercising the muscles of your face is good too!