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When you think about exercise, do you think about Facial Exercise?

Maybe going for a run? Yes.

How about lifting some weights? Sure.

What about exercising your face? Hmmmm.

You probably weren’t picturing the latter.

Well, let us tell you about Desiree Reid. Unlike most people, she is constantly thinking about her facial fitness!

Desiree is a beauty youtuber, blogger, and most importantly an influential, long-time user of Facial-Flex!

Desiree’s beauty blog is called ALL THINGS BEAUTY, and she’s featured Facial Flex on her blog twice.

facial-flex-advertDesiree has been using the Facial Flex face exerciser twice a day ever since she spotted the QVC demo by Lisa Robinson 15 years ago and she swears by it. She was drawn to the unique product because she had always been an advocate for skin care. She saw Facial-Flex as just another step to add to her regimen to aid her in maintaining healthy skin and youthful looks; a feat that has most definitely been successful thus far.

She says:

“What interested me was the fact that it could firm up the face, the cheek muscles, and the neck.”

Soon to be 59, Desiree’s youthful looks say otherwise. Never has anyone guessed her actual age! She is constantly told that she looks in her 40’s but never in her 50’s.

Desiree adds:

“I attribute my youthful appearance to the Facial Flex.”

When people praise Desiree on her youthful looks, she immediately tells them about her Facial Flex face exerciser. She tells them how it has kept her cheekbones and neck extremely firm and her jawline sculpted over the years. All results from a small, incredibly inexpensive, and easy to use device!

Desiree says:

“Honestly, I don’t know if others have noticed, my husband noticed it right after I used one. He actually purchased one right after and I noticed a change in his face. I don’t attribute this to my skin care because I change my skin care a lot. I go from one product to the next, the only thing I have to say adds to my regimen is the Facial Flex.”

The product has helped her in a career where looks tend to be as important as anything else. Her toned facial structure helps her to successfully sell her skincare products in a market that is very competitive, and helps to promote these products on her YouTube channel. On her YouTube channel and blog, she talks about All Things Beauty. From hauls, to tutorials, to reviews, she does it all! She has even made a video about her experiences with Facial-Flex!

Something she once added to her skincare routine has now become the forefront of her routine.

She was so impressed by the outcome, that she decided to do a test to see whether Facial-Flex had long-lasting results. Desiree has temporarily stopped using Facial-Flex for two months now, and has not seen any change or deterioration in the state of her facial looks. This proves that Facial Flex face exerciser delivers long-lasting results!

Check out Desiree’s original 2014 YouTube video on Facial Flex here:

When we found Desiree’s original video (above) we had to reach out to her via twitter. This is how this blog post came about. We also asked her to do an update using the new Facial-Flex because the one she was using was a 16 year old device, one of the much earlier editions. We have not only improved the packaging since then but also improved the device itself…

And here’s Desire’s 2016 updated video including the unboxing experience for the new and improved Facial-Flex!