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Beyond just time and facial exercise, the lymph nodes–those floating green modules you see above–also affect how we wrinkle as we age. More specifically, we’re talking about the lymphatic drainage process, which can be activated by a little light-massage, which–if you don’t know–serves to complement your regular Facial Flex exercises.With that said, the lymphatic system–a nexus of vessels/kidney-shaped lymph nodes, which carry and transparent lymph fluid of protein molecules, salts, glucose, urea, etc. throughout the body–holds a heavy bearing on our overall health, too. So let’s take a moment to talk about that. 

Have you heard the term “toxemia” before? Unless you’re a doctor, the answer’s probably no. Still, you can tell by the sound of it, you don’t want it. The condition refers to an abundance of toxins in the body–the root of nearly all our physiological troubles, from a little cold to the ‘Big C.’ Our lymphatic system essentially acts as our inner-aqueduct used for flushing around all the toxins which collect inside us each day.

Many of those toxins are the result of the billions of cells constantly dying inside. Their bodies are like pollution to our body.

Such these toxins can also receive an injection/boost due to things that are, in many cases, within our control: Lifestyle, diet, and stress all play a part. There’re also irritants found in many household products all around us, which also produce harmful effects. New York Times best-selling author, Harvey Diamond, says this of the import of nodes in this article: “The lymph system is quite literally your body’s garbage collector.”

Concerning these bad little guys:

If you let it get bad enough you could get cancer, notably lymphoma, but it doesn’t need to get nearly that bad before it begins to show in our appearance, particularly our faces.

You ever wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and wonder why your face looks so bloated.

Facial exercise and/or massage will help rejuvenate the aura surrounding your face, reducing puffiness, bloating, and reducing wrinkles, by removing any obstruction preventing the free flow of lymphatic fluid which can be credited with producing healthier, more vibrant skin. You don’t want the depths and hollows of your face acting as your own personal retention pond.

So if you add a little massage in conjunction with your facial exercises you’ll likely see a change not only in your lower face and neck, but you’ll also see a reduction in the puffiness around your eyes!

There’re a couple of areas we want to point out that you should definitely hit to get fluid draining into those ducts: The Venous Angle ridges and the areas on the sides of the neck, right behind the ears, for example. There’re plenty of good Youtube videos demonstrating these and other techniques, too. You just have to search “lymphatic drainage.”

So mash up your Facial Flex routine with massage. You’ll see you’ve not only gained that fresh, well-rested look, but you’ll feel less congested, too. And it’ll be easier to get out of bed in the morning with a lymph node massage.