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Whether you’re strolling down Bourbon Street or throwing an at home fete, Mardi Gras is the festive and fun holiday that will help you shake off those Valentine’s Day chocolates. In celebration of the holiday, ornately decorated Mardi Gras masks are worn. People used to wear masks to hide their identities and social class. Now, the artful pieces serve as the perfect blend of mystery and allure.


Here, Facial-Flex® provides creative tips on how make a Mardi Gras mask:


First, organize a space where you can get messy! Grab a glue stick, blank eye mask and the crafts you want to decorate with, including paint, beads, feathers, ribbons, glitter, and jewels. Make sure to you select the Mardi Gras colors of gold, silver, purple and green.


To make a DIY Mardi Gras mask that you can hold with a stick, use your glue stick to attach to one side of your mask. If you’d prefer to hold a cocktail rather than a mask, have your mask tie behind your head by creating a small hole on each side of your mask and tie a string to each hole.


While decorating your mask, get creative! Paint your mask with different designs and patterns and use glitter to create a frame around the rim of the mask. You can add jewels and sequence to glam it up or feathers and ribbon for an extra pop.


To make your face stand out even more, use your Facial-Flex® device to “Trim. Tone. Tighten…Your Face, Chin & Neck!” It only takes eight weeks to look your most radiant and feel your best. Facial-Flex® wishes you a fun and safe holiday. Send us your best photos of you in your DIY Mardi Gras Mask!