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Facial Exercise and Microstomia

Originally, Facial Flex--or technically an earlier ancestor device--wasn't designed for those simply looking to prolong their beauty. It was for those battling a degenerative facial condition known as Microstomia, or to use an even more challenging medical term:...

Facial Yoga or Facial Flex?

Facial Yoga is a hot trend, but does it really work? How does Facial Yoga compare to Resistance Training using Facial Flex? Learn Here.

Ask Linda: Wrinkles around the Lips

This is the first of our "Ask Linda" blog series. Here you'll see specialized questions from dedicated Facial-Flex users followed by answers from Facial-Flex CEO Linda Hellings. Our first question came from a body-mind therapist, named Jacqui. She wanted to know more...

Lymph Nodes and Wrinkles

Beyond just time and facial exercise, the lymph nodes--those floating green modules you see above--also affect how we wrinkle as we age. More specifically, we're talking about the lymphatic drainage process, which can be activated by a little light-massage, which--if...

Blood Flow and Skin Health

Increased blood flow, AKA circulation, is good for more than just your insides: It's good for your outer skin health, too! You already know it's good for the heart and other vital organs, but lets enumerate, quickly. On the inside, circulation acts as your oxygen...

A Good, Hard Look at your Platysma

When was the last time you gave your Platysma a good, hard look? Do you know what your Platysma is? Your answer likely depends on which side of middle-age you fall on, as it does for many of questions related to health or vanity. With that, it's a give-in that most...

Interview with Leading Facial Yoga Expert

It seems that the concept of Facial Fitness may be catching on quicker in some parts of the world than others. One place where this appears to be true is the United Kingdom. A quick internet search comes back with a Google page full of London-based coaches in the...

Benefits of Facial Resistance Training

Back in our hunter gatherer days,  we didn't have a term for resistance training. Or at least it stands to reason that we didn't. It wasn't necessary. We got it on a regular basis all the same. We built our own thatch-roofed hamlets and stone hovels; we'd hunt wild...

Exercise and the Epidermis

There's a timeless and juvenile joke that floats around the playground, but--thankfully--you can fall for it only once. The deadpan delivery is handled by one or more children who, for one reason or another, are more anatomically sophisticated than the poor kid at the...



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