Please consult with your healthcare professional before starting this or any exercise program. Read all of the Instructions for Use before using Facial-Flex.

How to Use Facial-Flex

Spending just 2 minutes with our mouth exerciser in the morning and at night, you can expect results of facial rejuvenation in as little as 8 weeks.


After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizer to your face, chin and neck. This will condition your skin for the exercise and enhance the effects of the device.


Place the Facial-Flex device horizontally between your lips, resting the plastic ends in the corners of your mouth. Make sure the wider part of the white mouth piece goes inside of the mouth and not on the outside. Also make sure the Flex-Band is placed properly on the mounts. Never put the device completely inside your mouth.



Lean slightly forward and lift your chin until it is level. This will extend the muscles of your neck under your chin.


Shape your lips into an oval, flattening your upper lip so it covers your top teeth. Fully compress the device, and then gradually release the compression, allowing Facial-Flex to fully extend by pulling back the corners of your mouth.

Strengthening Your Workout
You should repeat this cycle once every two to three seconds, initially performing 30 to 40 repetitions during a one-to two-minute period. Rest for about one minute, then repeat. Don’t worry if you can’t complete the recommended repetitions without resting. Just exercise until you get tired, stop for a minute, then exercise again.

As your facial muscles become stronger, you should be able to increase the number of repetitions to 50 or 60 per minute. Your goal is to reach two minutes of exercise, twice a day, at 120 repetitions each time. This may take 8 to 12 weeks. When you reach this point, you should begin using Flex-Bands with greater resistance.

Download and print the Progress Chart PDF to map your progress.

Download Instructions


It’s important to replace your Flex-Bands once a week. Clinical studies have proven that maintaining consistent resistance through weekly replacement of the bands provides maximum benefits by increasing muscle strength and improving skin elasticity.

As you increase your muscle strength, you’ll want to graduate from 6 oz. to 8 oz. and ultimately to 14 oz. Flex-Bands for maximum results. Our Flex-Bands are made specifically to generate optimal results from face exercises and should be changed according to schedule.

Do not use more than one Flex-Band at a time as this could compromise the strength of the device, cause injury, and void the warranty.

To order more bands you can contact your authorized Facial-Flex Professional, go to, or call 1-800-469-FLEX or 610-539-5869 from outside the United States.


To remove the existing band, pull it off the mounts located on top of the center abutments. Install the new Flex-Band by stretching the band over the mounts located on top of the center abutments. Make sure that the progressive resistance exercise band is positioned properly on both mounts and that no binding occurs when you compress Facial-Flex between your fingers.


For further assistance, watch the “Changing the Flex-Bands” video.



If your Facial-Flex device should come apart, please follow these easy assembly instructions.

  • Hold Part A by the base in your left hand so that the bar is pointing to the right and the groove in the ball & groove is facing you.
  • Hold Part B by the base in your right hand so that the bar is pointing to the left and the groove in the ball & groove is facing you.
  • Hold both pieces horizontally and touch them together as you would touch your index fingers together.
  • Turn your right hand 90º (a quarter turn) away from you so that the groove in the ball & groove is facing the ceiling.
  • Move Part B in your right hand to the left so that the bar of Part A is resting in the groove of the ball & groove of Part B.
  • Extend the index finger of your left hand and brace under the ball & groove of Part B. Then apply pressure with the thumb of your left hand on the bar of Part A until the bar snaps into the groove of the ball & groove of Part B.
  • Rotate your right hand 90º (a quarter turn) towards you so that the bar of Part B is resting in the groove of the ball & groove of Part A.
  • Extend the index finger of your left hand and brace behind the ball & groove of Part A. Then apply pressure with the thumb of your left hand on the bar of Part B until the bar snaps into the groove of the ball & groove of Part A.

Download Instructions

For further assistance, watch the “How to Reassemble Facial-Flex® video.


  • Facial-Flex is a personal exercise device. For proper hygiene, do not share with others.
  • Apply a small amount of cooking oil to metal bars (as needed) for smoother compression of device.
  • Exercise slowly, keeping your teeth separated about one inch and your lips away from the metal bars. Your mouth should be an oval.
  • Avoid “puckering” your upper lip when compressing the device into the shape of an “O.” It is very important that the upper lip wraps smoothly over the top teeth while exercising.
  • Lean forward and lift your chin until it is level to increase resistance on the chin and neck muscles.
  • Stop exercising when your facial muscles feel tired and sore.
  • Use care if you have chapped lips or cold sores.
  • Never use while driving or in a moving vehicle.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • Replace the Flex-Band every week to maintain a consistent level of resistance.

Please consult a physician before using Facial-Flex if you:

  • Have recently had facial, chin or neck surgery, injuries or deficiencies
  • Feel any unusual or severe pain while exercising with Facial-Flex
  • Suffer from Temporomandibular Joint/Muscle Dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Have had recent dental or orthodontic work
  • Are under a physician’s care for any facial condition or disability
  • Have any abnormal face condition or have a known sensitivity to latex

For sanitary reasons, your Facial-Flex should not be shared. To clean the device, wash it in warm (not hot) water with a mild detergent and allow it to air dry. Do not attempt to sterilize the device, expose it to temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or immerse or wash it in chemical solutions. Do not use if improper cleaning and maintenance procedures have been followed.

Any maintenance or cleansing of the Facial-Flex other than as recommended will result in damage to your device and will void your manufacturer’s limited warranty. Facial Concepts, Inc., its agents and representatives shall have no liability or responsibility for breakage or damage to Facial-Flex, or for any personal injury or property damage to any user, resulting from or attributable to any failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended use, care and maintenance instructions.

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