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Important Tips

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Important Tips

  • Facial-Flex® is a personal exercise device. For proper hygiene, do not share with others.
  • Apply a small amount of cooking oil to metal bars (as needed) for smoother compression of device.
  • Exercise slowly, keeping your teeth separated about one inch and your lips away from the metal bars. Your mouth should be an oval.
  • Avoid “puckering” your upper lip when compressing the device into the shape of an “O.” It is very important that the upper lip wraps smoothly over the top teeth while exercising.
  • Lean forward and lift your chin until it is level to increase resistance on the chin and neck muscles.
  • Stop exercising when your facial muscles feel tired and sore.
  • Use care if you have chapped lips or cold sores.
  • Never use while driving or in a moving vehicle.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • Replace the Flex-Band every week to maintain a consistent level of resistance.
  • Do not use more than one Flex-Band at a time.
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