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How to use Facial-Flex®

Clinically Proven Results.

From facial rehabilitation to age-defying beauty results.

How to use Facial-Flex®

Spending just 2 minutes with our mouth exerciser in the morning and at night, you can expect results of facial rejuvenation in as little as 8 weeks.


After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizer to your face, chin and neck. This will condition your skin for the exercise and enhance the effects of the device.


Place the Facial-Flex® device horizontally between your lips, resting the plastic ends in the corners of your mouth. Make sure the wider part of the white mouth piece goes inside of the mouth and not on the outside. Also make sure the Flex-Band is placed properly on the mounts. Never put the device completely inside your mouth.


Lean slightly forward and lift your chin until it is level. This will extend the muscles of your neck under your chin.


Shape your lips into an oval, flattening your upper lip so it covers your top teeth. Fully compress the device, and then gradually release the compression, allowing Facial-Flex® to fully extend by pulling back the corners of your mouth. –