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Whether you’ve got plans with the girls or a candlelit dinner with a special someone, Facial-Flex® has your beauty look covered with this Valentine’s Day lipstick tutorial. We’ve collected lipstick tips from the pros to vamp up your look with the perfect red pout.

To start, prep your lips with a lip primer. A balm leaves a shine on the lip which can interfere with the texture of your lipstick, while a primer moisturizes the lip and helps color last longer.

Next, use a lip liner pencil that matches your chosen red shade. Make sure to color the entire lip, not just the lip line, a common misconception. As you line the mouth, use short, feathery strokes for precision.


Ever use a lip brush to apply your lipstick? If not, now is your chance to start. The tip of the brush helps guide the color on neatly, as opposed to applying the lipstick directly to the lip. Brushes create a cleaner finish and utter pucker perfection.

Pucker up! You’ve just mastered the perfect red lip and are romance ready for a Valentine’s Day evening. Facial-Flex® provides the needed muscle stimulus to Trim. Tone. Tighten…Your Face, Chin & Neck! It takes just eight weeks to look your most radiant and feel your best. Happy Valentine’s Day!